Shipping costs

Shipping and other costs to be added or deducted can be configured via shipping costs. These are data records that you create in the product container and which are applied to the final price (gross).

  • Label: This is the label for the shipping costs. This label is also used in the shopping basket, the email and the invoice.
  • Type: Type controls whether the value should be a fixed value (Fixed price) or a percentage (In percent).
  • Only on order option: Specify the type of orders where these shipping costs are added.
    • all: Applies to every order.
    • on product: This shipping cost can be specified for an individual product. For example, if a product is oversized, an additional shipping fee can be selected here. But it could also be a discount that is deducted from the value of the goods when ordering.
    • Request: Applies to all checkouts of type request
    • Pre payment: Applies to all checkouts of type Pre payment
    • On invoice: Applies to all checkouts of On invoice
    • PayPal: Applies to all checkouts of type PayPal
  • Subtract the value from price: If this checkbox is set, the amount will not be added to the price, but deducted.
  • Fixed value: This field is only visible if the Fixed price type is selected. This is the fixed value to be used.
  • Value in percent: This field is only visible if the In percent type is selected. This is the percentage that should be used.


A 2% discount for prepayment:

label = Discount:
order_option = prePayment
type = percent
subtract = 1
value_fixed = 2,00

Packaging on all orders:

label = Packaging:
order_option = all
type = fixed
subtract = 0
value = 2,50

Special product discount:

label = Special discount:
order_option = product
type = fixed
subtract = 1
value = 2,50