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We can build an online configurator for you

Increase your workforce efficiency by automating data acquisition and processing with configurators

Provide a fun interactive customer experience with an individual configurator! Make your company more efficient with an automated customer enquiry process. Ordering via the configurator saves time and effort compared to employees having to manually record enquiries and draw up offers. In times of staff shortages your configurator can take over these processes for you rather than having your employees fill out Excel spreadsheets for hours.


Customers are often overwhelmed by a large selection of products when they can't set configuration options themselves. They can't find the right product due to the confusing display. There is often no option to customize products apart from based on pre-existing products. This can result in customers switching to providers who offer more flexibility. The whole process is time-consuming and inefficient, with lots of room for manual errors and high staff utilization.




  • Inefficient and complicated customer enquiry processes
  • Overwhelmingly large selection of products
  • Limited choice of pre-configured products only
  • Confusing product display



Our individually developed product configurators provide your customers with the opportunity to design products themselves quickly and easily, while making product selection an entertaining experience. Your company will reap benefits from the commercial advantage and in staff efficiency, because orders are quick and error-free and do not involve staff in time-consuming sales pitches.




  • Fun User Experience / Gamification
  • Individualized Design
  • 3D Visualization


Example illustration of a bridge configurator and a postcard configurator

Increased efficiency with configurators

How we create your individualized product configurator

An increasing demand for individualized products or services reflects the need of today's customers to identify with the products that they buy. In close cooperation with you we can design your product configurator, tailoring it perfectly to the requirements of your company. We then develop that design in a way that is iterative and agile. We can provide visual representations of parts of products aswell as whole products. A database system means that suitable product offers are generated from customer data. We also digitize and automate product offers - leaving your staff free for less routine activities. The configurator is embedded in your shop so that the configuration process is seamlessly integrated into the overall purchase process, ensuring smooth order processing. Your customers select their personalized products, configure them and then complete the purchase simply and easily without leaving your shop.


Our Services

  • individualized product configurators
  • fun and intuitive to use
  • responsive design
  • standardization of repetitive processes
  • individualized visual representations of products
  • database setup
  • centralization of large product range through individual configuration
  • automation of product offer and invoicing processes
  • interface connection to third-party systems


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