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Automatic invoice generation

  • Products are given a consecutive number for each container
  • The new invoice number is generated via a service. Since the service is implemented via dependency injection it can be replaced and invoice number generation can be modified.
  • The invoice layout can be created using Fluid (EXT:fluid_fpdf) and configured for each page/branch using TypoScript

Displaying VAT/sales tax

Destination CountryB2B (Business)B2C (Private)
DomesticDisplay VATDisplay VAT
EUNo VAT to displayDisplay VAT
non-EUNo VAT to displayNo VAT to display

Notes on VAT/sales tax

Destination CountryB2B (Business)B2C (Private)
EUTax-exempt intra-community delivery (§4 No. 1b UstG). The VAT ID must be entered here!-
non-EUTax-exempt export delivery (§4 No. 1a UstG).Tax-exempt export delivery (§4 No. 1a UstG).