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Let us automate your business processes

Increase staff efficiency by automating processes through interfaces and custom tools

Process automation can help your company to utilize employees more efficiently while interfaces, individual configurators and tools perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It will result in higher productivity, a reduced error rate and allow your employees to concentrate on the more demanding tasks.


Many business processes are still manual and very time-consuming, tying up employee capacity. Manual processes are also prone to errors and inaccuracies, which in turn can lead to delays and higher costs for the company. The lack of efficiency and customer satisfaction can ultimately affect the competitiveness of a company.




  • Time-consuming manual processes
  • High error rate
  • Low employee capacity
  • Low standardization



We develop individual solutions based on your team's business processes and then we automate them. Error rates are minimized - giving higher productivity with reduced staffing costs. We make your business processes faster while your staff take care of more important tasks and give your company a competitive advantage.




  • Development of individual solutions such as tools and configurators
  • Connecting system interfaces to business software, payment and shipping interfaces
  • Standardization of processes such as customer enquiry and order process
  • Automation of processes such as invoice creation


Automate business process examples

Increased efficiency through automated business processes

How we create your individualized solution

Efficient and smooth business processes are key to the success of any company. We are experts in this field and can create an individual solution for you, perfectly tailored to your requirements. We work closely with you to understand your processes and analyze your systems to find out your capabilities. We then develop a concept with you, tailored to your needs, and implement it in a way that is agile and iterative. We can develop interfaces for your systems or automate your processes with individual tools.

Our services

  • Optimization of business processes through interfaces, individual tools and configurators
  • Standardized and automated processes for increased efficiency
  • Straightforward models of complex business processes
  • Interface connections to business software (e.g. eGecko,  BMEcat)
  • Connection of payment and shipping interfaces (e.g.  Paypal,  Stripe,  Klarna ,  UPS)

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