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We develop digital solutions

<p>Automation and digital process optimization</p> <p>Integrations and interfaces (API)</p> <p>Configurators and individual software tools</p> <p>Intranets, PWA's, websites and e-shops</p> <p>Data processing, dashboards and reports </p>

Digital process optimization

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  • Automatization and standardisation of processes
  • Simple and understandable representation of complex business processes  (data processing)
  • High efficiency, flexibility through intuitive workflow management


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Design thinking

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  • Developing of ideas according to user needs
  • Iterative prototyping for trial and error and visualization
  • Effective experiments for testing, feedback and optimization


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Connections and interfaces (API)

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  • High efficiency of the workflows by minimizing the amount of data
  • Interface connection of business software (e.g. eGeckoBMEcat)
  • Payment and shipping interfaces (e.g. PaypalStripe, KlarnaUPS)


Monitoring and system updates

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  • High IT security and data privacy
  • Quick identification of security threats
  • Website support, maintenance and system updates


How we work


Customer focus

Each work package is defined and
processed with a focus on customer value.


Completed features will be
developed in a sprint.


Small work packages allow for more precise
function definition and a focus on quality.


Through short iterations work packages can
quickly be assigned a higher or lower priority.


Short communication channels and daily meetings
ensure clear responsibilities and exchange.


Customers are closely involved in the sprints and
is always informed about the current status.

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