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Individual solutions for data analysis

How automated data processing can help you make decisions and benefit your company

Rapidly growing amounts of data and technologies mean companies are faced with an ever greater challenge: which data is actually important? How should the data be evaluated and which possible strategies for action arise from it? We develop individual solutions that automate your data processing, adapted to your needs. Increase your understanding of customer needs, track the success of your marketing campaigns and identify any potential for optimization in staff efficiency early.


Without automated analysis tools it is difficult to effectively manage and evaluate large amounts of data. Errors in data entry and processing may occur, which in turn lead to inaccurate results. Information may be lacking about your sales figures, your best landing pages, your strongest-selling products, sales periods, employee data or your target customers and their preferences. As a result, you will lack the knowledge to develop a clear corporate strategy or deploy your staff in the best way.




  • Limited insight into user behavior
  • Onerous time and effort required for manual analysis
  • Prone to errors
  • Difficulty optimizing corporate strategy



We develop individualized tools that allow you to get to know your customers and staff better, recognize gaps in the market and identify promising leads. We enable automated data collection by connecting data sources. Clearly-designed dashboards provide instant views of the efficiency of your staff and indicate any room for improvement. Customer analysis and reports provide insights into your strongest-selling products, sales campaigns and website hits. The insights gained will allow you to optimize staff efficiency and your corporate strategy.




  • Automated data generation, e.g. summaries of working hours, user behavior
  • Report creation, e.g. efficiency reports, project statistics
  • Interface connections /  API connections for automated data collection
  • Dashboards to clearly display your data


Example representation of a dashboard
Example representation of a dashboard

Increased efficiency through data analysis

How we can optimize data analysis in your company  

We can develop a unique tool for you to help you analyze and visualize your business data in order to predict patterns, identify trends and make effective decisions. We will work with you to design a concept and then develop it using agile and iterative Scrum methods. For example, we can provide individual dashboards with views of staff efficiency and provide reports on user behavior on your website or shop. Such tools help you get the most out of your growth and e-commerce strategy. Additional possible features include customizable menus, toolbars, filter functions, multiple user profiles, real-time updates and much more, making it easier for you to understand complex data sets.

Our services

  • Development and fine-tuning of tools to specific requirements
  • Graphical display of analytics results
  • Interface connections to a variety of systems
  • Flexible reporting
  • Regular monitoring
  • Dashboards for specific views
  • Multiple user profiles

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