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Simple shop for TYPO3

Simple Shop-Extension for TYPO3

The TYPO3 Shop extension is an easy to use and simple Shop. If you've already a fully working TYPO3 website and you'd like to add a simple Shop, our Shop extension is the right choice. You can structure your products with categories, tags and tag categories. Graduated prices, highlighting, different shipping cost and more are possible on products.

The modular checkout is shipped with request, on invoice, pre payment and PayPal feature. Individual checkouts and custom basket calculations are possible by extending the Shop extension.

The shop extension is compatible to the TYPO3 AMP extension so that every product is available in AMP (accelerated mobile pages) format as well.

A migration from tt_products is possible - you need support? Ask us!


GermanEnglishStableOpenSourceTYPO3 9.5PHP 7.2PHP 7.3PHP 7.4TYPO3 10.4Free
 BasisBasis + Pro
Quicksearch for startsite or sidebarx 
Search filter and custom list viewsx 
Teaser element for startsite or sidebarx 
Easy configurablex 
HTML or Plain text email supportx 
Minimum order value configurablex 
Group products with categories, tags and tag categoriesx 
Graduated prices for productsx 
Different shipping costs per productx 
Highlight or push items to top of a list by checkboxx 
Custom product attributes (categorizable) which extends the compare sheetx 
B2B and B2C preconfiguredx 
Simple stock logikx 
Checkout as request, on invoice and pre paymentx 
Easy customizable checkout formx 
Future-proof technology (ExtBase, fluid, modular design)x 
Isotope support for list view x
Backend module for manging products and orders x
PDF creation for product sheets x
PayPal checkout integration x
Bookmarks feature for products x
Compare feature for bookmarked products x
  600,00 €*
ex. VAT.

* Um das Addon zu nutzen wird das Basispaket benötigt.


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