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TYPO3 Modules


This extension provides you some ViewHelpers and Utilities for builing Backend-Modules. Basically you're able to define data table views by using TypoScript. By using this TypoScript syntax you can add easily table columns and re-use recommend actions (like edit, hide, show, delete, and more).

All table cells and actions are inserted by Fluid-Partials,so that you're able to customize them quickly.

Take a look at the Internal Notes extension (EXT:internal_notes) for an example of how to use it.

Key Features

Libraries for creating frontend and backend modules 
Registration for frontend users (optional: registration confirmation by site administrator) 
Profile processing for logged in frontend user 
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TYPO3 7.6TYPO3 6.2GermanEnglishStableTYPO3 8.7OpenSourceBackendmodulTYPO3 9.5PHP 7.1PHP 7.2PHP 7.3PHP 7.4TYPO3 10.4FreePHP 8.0TYPO3 11.5

Change Log

Modules Change-Log

2022-05-12 Release of version 5.1.0

  • TASK Migrate extension icons into Public folder
  • TASK Add header and footer ViewHelper for backend modules
  • TASK Solve deprecation for bookmarks buttons in backend
  • TASK Remove deprecated enableMultiSelectFilterTextfield from TCA
  • BUGFIX Transform extension name for backend modules to upper-camel-case
  • BUGFIX Fix frontend user profile radio buttons
  • TASK Merge static template for frontend profile and registration, because they depend on each other
  • TASK Refactoring of backend user authorizations for modules
  • FEATURE Add logging service

2022-02-22 Release of version 5.0.0

  • TASK Add authorization rules for glossaries extension
  • TASK Identify backend module extension key by request
  • BUGFIX Fix backend list sorting by a mapped field configuration
  • TASK Introduce variables for different Bootstrap versions in TYPO3 10/11 Backend
  • BUGFIX Fix modal JavaScript attributes for TYPO3 11
  • BUGFIX Fix getting absolute folder for frontend files
  • TASK Check PHP array access before using
  • TASK Migrate clear cache for frontend management
  • TASK Working on documentation und structure
  • TASK Ensure profile field value is initialized
  • TASK Optimize code style
  • TASK Remove noCacheHash parameter
  • TASK Cleanup Source code and add Services.yaml
  • BUGFIX Fix documentation configuration
  • TASK Rise PHP version to 7.4
  • TASK Migration for TYPO3 11.5 - remove support for TYPO3 9.5
  • TASK Add documentations configuration

2022-02-22 Release of version 4.3.8

  • BUGFIX Fix frontend user profile radio buttons

2022-02-22 Release of version 4.3.7

  • BUGFIX Fix backend list sorting by a mapped field configuration

2021-10-17 Release of version 4.3.6

  • BUGFIX Fix entities in frontend editing textarea

2021-09-29 Release of version 4.3.5

  • BUGFIX Fix login as feature for TYPO3 9.x

2021-09-25 Release of version 4.3.4

  • TASK Move registration form finisher service into variable

2021-06-10 Release of version 4.3.3

  • BUGFIX Fix initialize values for frontend user profile

2021-06-10 Release of version 4.3.2

  • BUGFIX Downgrade Doctrine/DBAL methods for traditional install TYPO3 instances

2021-06-06 Release of version 4.3.1

  • BUGFIX Fix condition on undefined value in ValidationService

2021-05-31 Release of version 4.3.0

  • TASK Update translation file Readme.de.md

2021-05-26 Release of version 4.2.9

  • TASK Add translation file Readme.de.md

2021-05-18 Release of version 4.2.8

  • TASK Add extension key in composer.json

2021-02-21 Release of version 4.2.7

  • BUGFIX Deactivate page tree for backend user module, so that is impossible to select a page in this module

2021-02-19 Release of version 4.2.6

  • TASK Configure all custom defined frontend user fields as exclude fields

2021-02-19 Release of version 4.2.5

  • BUGFIX Fix backend user creation link

2021-02-19 Release of version 4.2.4

  • BUGFIX Fix extension configuration utility

2021-02-19 Release of version 4.2.3

  • TASK Add option to allow non admins to login as frontend user

2021-02-18 Release of version 4.2.2

  • BUGFIX Fix frontend user login from backend

2021-02-17 Release of version 4.2.1

  • TASK Optimize translations

2021-02-17 Release of version 4.2.0

  • FEATURE Add backend module for managing backend users as editor backend user

2020-11-02 Release of version 4.1.6

  • TASK Add some documentation

2020-10-30 Release of version 4.1.5

2020-10-12 Release of version 4.1.4

  • TASK Registration email documentation (english)
  • TASK Registration email documentation (german)
  • TASK Change some example code in documentation

2020-10-07 Release of version 4.1.3

  • TASK Add en translation files for Documentation/Frontend

2020-10-06 Release of version 4.1.2

  • FEATURE Optional registration confirmation by administrator
  • TASK Add new password hashing method "default" which uses the system setting (usually Argon2i)
  • BUGFIX Fix typo password hashing constant and show it in the constant editor

2020-10-04 Release of version 4.1.1

  • TASK Add extra tag in composer.json for automatic TER release

Release of version 4.1.0

  • TASK Add more documentation for frontend management
  • BUGFIX Fix DateTime field for frontend management
  • BUGFIX Fix sending mail-on-save in frontend management
  • FEATURE Use persistence service for object creation in frontend management as well

Release of version 4.0.4

  • BUGFIX Compare controller as well in active select box item check
  • BUGFIX Check if value is null before iterating over it
  • BUGFIX Check if $field['value'] is an array before trimming it in ValidationService
  • BUGFIX Moved login check to prepareAction in the FrontendController
  • TASK Change translation label
  • TASK Change some translation and labeling issues
  • TASK Add TypoScript settings as constants see #14

Release of version 4.0.3

  • TASK Move content element wizards see #16

Release of version 4.0.2

  • TASK Translate documentation files
  • TASK Add additional documentation files

Release of version 4.0.1

  • TASK Add notices about mandatory fields below registration and profile form

Release of version 4.0.0

  • BUGFIX Fix checkbox invalid class for Bootstrap 4
  • TASK Add title attributes for checkbox links
  • TASK Add constant setting for disabling the username field and use email as username
  • FEATURE Add export feature for frontend user list in backend
  • TASK Fix email sending for TYPO3 10 in DefaultService
  • TASK Correct language labels for new content element wizard
  • BUGFIX Fix activating tabs in frontend management
  • BUGFIX Set correct default value for field "birthday"
  • TASK Add warning for missing table message in frontend management context
  • TASK Display frontend management svg icons inline for styling by using CSS
  • BUGFIX Fix validation of usernames
  • FEATURE Add date/time/datetime field for frontend management
  • FEATURE Add preset for a notice field in frontend management
  • FEATURE Highlight invalid data tabs in frontend management
  • TASK Insert filenames into upload element for frontend management
  • FEATURE Add unique validator for frontend management
  • FEATURE Add float validator for frontend management
  • BUGFIX Fix clear cache in frontend context issue
  • TASK Optimize error handling on frontend management configuration
  • FEATURE Send notification mail on inserted/updated records
  • FEATURE Add TypoScript configuration for: use email as username in registration process
  • TASK Optimize TCA
  • FEATURE Frontend user login from backend modules list
  • FEATURE Configuration setting for min length of username and password in registration
  • TASK Add new content element wizard for registration and profile see #12
  • TASK Add search box for users see #8
  • TASK Optimize translation files
  • TASK Add translations de.locallang_db see #4
  • TASK Add new fields to fe_users TCA and organize them into palettes
  • TASK Migration for TYPO3 9.5 upto 10.4
  • FEATURE Add Frontend-Editing Tools
  • FEATURE New data fields for frontend user: bank account (bank name, owner name, bic, iban), accounting type, country, vat number
  • FEATURE Gender options filled by TypoScript
  • FEATURE Disclaimer confirm checkbox for registration

Release of version 3.2.0

  • TASK Add more german translations
  • TASK Refactoring of the BackendController, which is the base controller for backend modules
  • FEATURE Add backend module for frontend user groups
  • FEATURE Add preparations for page/user TypoScript settings and feature flags

Release of version 3.1.2

  • TASK Modify Gitlab-CI configuration.

Release of version 3.1.1

  • TASK Rise PHP version in ext_emconf.php.
  • TASK Clean up backend module for user.
  • BUGFIX Fix backend module for user if sys_note extension is not installed.

Release of version 3.1.0

  • FEATURE Add Gitlab-CI configuration.
  • FEATURE Add columns only argument for EditLink view helper.
  • FEATURE Add company field for registration and profile.
  • FEATURE Add initial value for record type while registration.
  • FEATURE Send optionally mail notification on profile updates.
  • FEATURE Add privacy protection checkbox and field.
  • BUGFIX Fix radio and checkbox error message.
  • TASK Add strip tags on plain text column.
  • BUGFIX Fixing undeclared argument in editInModalLink ViewHelper.
  • BUGFIX Fix pagination link buttons - add missing action parameter.
  • BUGFIX Fix restoring filter arguments.
  • BUGFIX Fix return url in edit link ViewHelper.

Release of version 3.0.1

  • BUGFIX Removing DEV identifier.

Release of version 3.0.0

  • TASK Migration for TYPO3 9.5.

Release of version 2.6.0

  • FEATURE Adding edit-in-modal feature.

Release of version 2.5.1

  • BUGFIX Fixing version number in ext_emconf.php.

Release of version 2.5.0

  • BUGFIX Fixing close feature in EditInPopupLink-ViewHelper.
  • BUGFIX Fixing FrontendUser group cell partial.
  • TASK Open links from EditInPopupLink-ViewHelper in maximized window size.
  • BUGFIX Adding page uid to edit links in EditLink-ViewHelper.
  • TASK Correcting a typo in language file.
  • BUGFIX Fixing setting year of birth in FrontendUser model.
  • TASK Adding a getAge method in FrontendUser model.

Release of version 2.4.0

  • TASK Adding german translations for frontend plugins
  • FEATURE Adding frontend user fields for registration and profile: profession, marital status and children, birthday and year of birth
  • FEATURE Adding a min age setting and validation

Release of version 2.3.0

  • FEATURE Adding frontend user profile username row
  • FEATURE Providing base controller
  • TASK Adding fetch list for restoring filter values
  • FEATURE Adding frontend user profile

Release of version 2.2.0

  • FEATURE Adding a frontend user backend module
  • FEATURE Adding a simple frontend user registration with double-opt

Release of version 2.0.1

Release of version 2.0.0

  • BUGFIX Fixing translation keys for actions
  • TASK Development of first version
TYPO3 Modules Extension

TYPO3 Modules

Toolbox for Backend-Modules in TYPO3.

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