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TYPO3 Questions


The TYPO3 Questions extension is a simple and easy to use FAQ (frequently asked question) extension for TYPO3. It delivers SEO and microdata (http://schema.org/Question) optimized lists and detail views. By using the TYPO3 ParsedownExtra extension you're able to insert your text in Markdown format. Furthermore, there is a backend module for comfortable managing your questions and answers.

Key Features

Easy to use
SEO optimized integration
Microdata (http://schema.org/Question) prepared
Listing with search word and category filter
Markdown support for answer text (requires EXT:parsedown_extra)
Create Product related FAQ for EXT:shop
Additional fields for custom information
Backend module for question management
CSV-Export for records in backend
Can also be easily integrated into an intranet to display recurring questions
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GermanEnglishStableTYPO3 8.7OpenSourceTYPO3 9.5PHP 7.2PHP 7.3PHP 7.4TYPO3 10.4FreePHP 8.0TYPO3 11.5PHP 8.1PHP 8.2TYPO3 12.4

Change Log

Questions Change-Log

2024-04-22 Release of version 4.0.8

  • [BUGFIX] Fix allowed records on page type in TYPO3 12
  • [TASK] Backend filter migration

2024-01-26 Release of version 4.0.7

  • [BUGFIX] Fix repository injection for fetching category questions

2024-01-26 Release of version 4.0.6

  • [TASK] Add TCA description in shop product integration
  • [BUGFIX] Fix backend module authorization in TYPO3 12
  • [TASK] Optimize version conditions in PHP code
  • [TASK] Migrate controller modulePrefix initialization in backend module to TYPO3 12
  • [TASK] Optimize labels in user authorizations
  • [BUGFIX] Add enableNamespacedArgumentsForBackend feature for fixing return links in backend

2023-11-01 Release of version 4.0.5

  • [TASK] Clean up documentation
  • [BUGFIX] Fix get content object for TYPO3 11

2023-10-16 Release of version 4.0.4

  • [BUGFIX] Clean up backend module icon and registration

2023-10-04 Release of version 4.0.3

  • [BUGFIX] Fix invalid TypoScript setting

2023-10-03 Release of version 4.0.2

  • [TASK] Optimize documentation articles
  • [TASK] Migrate TCA for TYPO3 11 and 12 and optimize TypoScript constants groups

2023-09-04 Release of version 4.0.1

  • [TASK] Optimize documentation

2023-08-15 Release of version 4.0.0

  • [TASK] Migrate to TYPO3 12 and remove support for TYPO3 10
  • [TASK] Add documentation links

2023-02-05 Release of version 3.2.1

  • [TASK] Add documentation for TypoScript constants
  • [TASK] CSH language files migration
  • [BUGFIX] Remove record types from shop integration

2022-11-20 Release of version 3.2.0

  • [FEATURE] Define access utility for backend management
  • [TASK] Add meta text to config.json
  • [TASK] Replace EditInModal by Edit in backend module
  • [BUGFIX] Fix documentation entry

2022-08-05 Release of version 3.1.0

  • [FEATURE] Add authorizations for backend user
  • [TASK] Migrate page.contains to page.type
  • [TASK] Migrate backend module header and footer

2022-05-09 Release of version 3.0.2

  • [BUGFIX] Fix localization parent in TCA

2022-04-09 Release of version 3.0.1

  • [TASK] Move backend folder icon into Resources/Public/Icons
  • [TASK] Clean up Fluid layout and backend controller
  • [TASK] Sync translated DE .xlf files
  • [TASK] Add translated DE .xlf files

2021-11-19 Release of version 3.0.0

  • [BUGFIX] Fix TCA override for shop extension
  • [TASK] Migration for TYPO3 11.5 - remove support for TYPO3 9.5
  • [BUGFIX] Fix documentation configuration
  • [TASK] Add documentation for sitemap xml configuration
  • [TASK] Add documentations configuration

2021-11-19 Release of version 2.1.7

  • [TASK] Add another sorting option for sorting field

2021-02-01 Release of version 2.1.6

  • [TASK] Remove NOT NULL from markdown database field

2021-01-07 Release of version 2.1.5

  • [TASK] Add more german translation

2020-10-11 Release of version 2.1.4

  • [BUGFIX] Fix extra tags in composer.json

2020-10-11 Release of version 2.1.3

  • [BUGFIX] Fix extra tags in composer.json

2020-10-11 Release of version 2.1.2

  • [TASK] Add filter field for selection in shop products

2020-07-16 Release of version 2.1.1

  • [BUGFIX] Fix slug field in TCA
  • [BUGFIX] Fix information row in FlexForm

2020-07-01 Release of version 2.1.0

  • [FEATURE] Integrate additional TCA extension usage

2020-06-30 Release of version 2.0.1

  • [BUGFIX] Fix rendering TYPO3 links in answer markup text
  • [TASK] Reformat ChangeLog content
  • [TASK] Add extra tags in composer.json

2020-03-26 Release of version 2.0.0

  • [TASK] Migration for TYPO3 9.5-10.4
  • [FEATURE] Backend filter for question category
  • [TASK] TCA refactoring
  • [TASK] Documentation
  • [TASK] Migrate Parsedown ViewHelper for TYPO3 9.5
  • [TASK] Optimize TCA.
  • [BUGFIX] Add missing backend labels.

2019-10-16 Release of version 1.2.0

  • [FEATURE] Add backend module for managing records.
  • [FEATURE] Add preview for plugins in backend page module.

2019-09-20 Release of version 1.1.2

  • [TASK] Rename TypoScript file extensions.
  • [TASK] Reconfigure Gitlab-CI configuration.

2019-03-16 Release of version 1.1.1

  • [TASK] Adding Gitlab-CI configuration.
  • [TASK] Remove inject annotations.

2019-03-01 Release of version 1.1.0

  • [BUGFIX] Removing DEV identifier.
  • [TASK] Removing unused use statements.
  • [TASK] Removing coding.ms when customer has already supported us.
  • [FEATURE] Adding sort order and sort by for questions list.
  • [FEATURE] Adding content object into Fluid template.
  • [TASK] Removing Realurl auto configuration.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing sorting order in repository.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing TypoScriptFluid template paths.

2017-11-24 Release of version 1.0.1

  • [BUGFIX] Fixing suggested extensions

2017-11-24 Release of version 1.0.0

  • [FEATURE] Adding Markdown support for answers
  • [TASK] Adding alternative titles in TCA
  • [TASK] Remove exclude fields from configuration
TYPO3 Questions Extension

TYPO3 Questions

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