Questions (FAQ) for TYPO3

Display and manage FAQ questions - SEO optimized.


  • Display question list overview with search word and category filter.
  • Optionally pagination for questions list.
  • Display question answer in a SEO optimized single view.
  • Questions can be categorized and enriched with images
  • Markdown support for answer text (requires EXT:parsedown_extra)
  • Create Product related FAQ for EXT:shop
  • Additional fields for custom information
  • Templates are using microdata for tagging content (


  • Automatic generated Sitemap.xml
  • Backend-Module for managing question records.
  • Automatic Realurl configuration

Pro-Features must be activated by buying a Pro-Key.

Possible Future-Features

  • Support for EXT:view_statistics
  • Form for 'Ask your own question'

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