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Please note that this documentation is for the most recent version of this extension. It may not be relevant for older versions. Related documentation can be found in the documentation directory of the extension.

UPS Delivery

As of EXT: shop_pro version 2.5.0, creation of UPS shipping labels can be integrated by using an API into the shop backend. You will need to have the extension with key ups_api installed. After installation, a BasketOrderrecord will appear with an additional Shipping tab.


This chapter is about configuration options for EXT: shop that allow easy integration of EXT: ups_api. See documentation on EXT: ups_api for more information on configuration of that extension.


Specify where UPS shipping records are stored by overwriting the following constant:

themes.configuration.extension.shop.ups.pid =


In order to simplify the process of creating labels, values stored in the BasketOrderrecord (e.g. name, email, etc.) can be used for the shipping address or parcel configuration. A mapping will need to be created.


plugin.tx_shop.settings.ups.mapping {
    addressLine {
        default = params.fields.street.value, params.fields.houseNumber.value
        deliveryAddressEnabled = params.fields.deliveryAddressStreet.value, params.fields.deliveryAddressHouseNumber.value
        format = %s %s
    postalCode {
        default = params.fields.postalCode.value
        deliveryAddressEnabled = params.fields.deliveryAddressPostalCode.value
        format = %s
    city {
        default = params.fields.city.value
        deliveryAddressEnabled = params.fields.deliveryAddressCity.value
        format = %s
    countryCode {
        default = params.fields.country.value
        deliveryAddressEnabled = params.fields.deliveryAddressCountry.value
        format = %s
    companyName {
        default = params.fields.company.value
        deliveryAddressEnabled = params.fields.deliveryAddressCompany.value
        format = %s
    attentionName {
        default = params.fields.firstname.value, params.fields.lastname.value
        deliveryAddressEnabled = params.fields.deliveryAddressFirstname.value, params.fields.deliveryAddressLastname.value
        format = %s %s
    emailAddress {
        default = params.fields.email.value
        format = %s
    phone_number {
        default = params.fields.phone.value
        format = %s
    referenceNumber {
        default = invoice_number
        format = %s

Info: The address addressLine is made up of the road and house number that the shop user entered in the street andhouseNumber fields on the order form (or deliveryAddressStreet anddeliveryAddressHouseNumber if they provided a different delivery address). These are formatted with the % s% s string. You can find out more about the field configuration in the "Alternative delivery address" chapter.


Default values for parcel shipping can be defined:

plugin.tx_shop.settings.ups.defaults {
    service = 11
    packagingType = 02
    weightUnit = KGS
    packageDimensionsUnit = CM
    referenceNumberCode = IK
    weight = 1
    height = 30
    width = 30
    length = 30
    description = EXT:shop package

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