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Please note that this documentation is for the most recent version of this extension. It may not be relevant for older versions. Related documentation can be found in the documentation directory of the extension.

List filters

The available filters are of two types: regular filters (a form element that passes its value to the backend) and filters that can be used with AJAX/IsoTope.

WordInput field for a search term.
CategoryCategory selection field. Only one selection is possible.
TagSingleTag selection box. Only one selection is possible.
TagMultipleIsotopeTag check box. Each tag is represented by its own checkbox. Multiple choices are possible. If more than one tag is selected, entries with all selected tags are searched for. This means that the tags are used in a logical AND operation.
TagCategorizedIsotope onlyTag checkboxes, grouped by tag categories. Similar to TagMultiple but the tags are grouped according to the assigned tag category.
SubmitOrdinary onlySubmit button for sending the filter settings.


Use only one tag filter at a time, otherwise filtering may fail.

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