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How is the page id defined for the detail view?

The page ID of the detail view is defined in two settings:

  1. {settings.detail.defaultPid}

    • Defined in TypoScript and represents the default page with single view
    • Defined in the themes.configuration.pages.openimmo.detailTypoScript constant
  2. {settings.detailViewPid}

The controller processes these 2 settings using the following logic:

  • In teaserAction + searchAction - the single view ID is checked before being processed by the Fluid templates By default {settings.detail.defaultPid} is used, unless:
    • If {settings.detailViewPid} is set in the plugin Flexform, then it will use this page (--> settings.detail.defaultPid = settings.detailViewPid)
  • Finally, the variable is checked to see if it has a valid ID >0, if not the current page ID is used

Resulting definition: If your link displays the same page it means the ID is missing from one of the settings, or the ID is an invalid number.

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