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After setup up, I only see a white page!

Make sure that you have added the css_styled_content andfluid_styled_content static templates.

No. We have purchased an Extended License for our advent calendar extension. According to the license terms FancyBox can be delivered with our product and used by you free of charge.

The advent calendar contains a counter that counts how many times the Advent calendar and each door is clicked on. If you need more detailed information, Google Analytics tracking can also be used.

Please note that the advent calendar does not count any hits in simulation mode!

Yes, it is possible. In that case, we would host your online advent calendar instance in a separate TYPO3 installation and you can then easily integrate this into your website via iframe.

Check the order of the static templates!

We always try to keep the advent calendar extension compatible with the current TYPO3-LTS version. Thus, the extension is currently compatible with TYPO3 versions 7.6. up to 10.4 .