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Please note that this documentation is for the most recent version of this extension. It may not be relevant for older versions. Related documentation can be found in the documentation directory of the extension.

Adventskalender Extension for TYPO3

An online advent calendar for TYPO3.


  • Select from various preconfigured templates
  • Customise templates easily without programming knowledge e.g. by adding your own background images
  • Simulate Advent Calendar days easily for test purposes to check content behind doors on specific days
  • Order doors in a specific order or arrange randomly
  • Add a wintry atmosphere to the calendar by activating animated snow
  • Detect user interest statistics for each door with click statistics that can be viewed in the backend


  • Users can see doors from past days, not just the current day
  • Registration and login possible with TYPO3 standards (e.g. fe_login, fe_manager, modules)
  • Existing frontend users can be used to join the calendar
  • Public participation through public mode: Participants can only take part in the competitions with their e-mail address - no login or registration necessary
  • Reminder function for participation in the next advent calendar door (only public mode)
  • Statistics about the use of the reminder function per window and entire calendar
  • Doors can contain coupons, product showcases, custom automated sweepstakes and lotteries, attractive e-cards, or standard content elements
  • If a door contains a competition, any number of prizes can be created
  • Competition can be set up with single choice or multiple choice answers
  • Integration of a Flip-Book, search image, type check
  • Any content can be integrated via content elements
  • Automatic sending of participants via e-mail after a competition day
  • Automatic determining of winners after a competition day

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