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TYPO3 Online advent calendar

An online advent calendar for TYPO3.

Features (basic version)

  • Select from various preconfigured templates
  • Customise templates easily without programming knowledge e.g. by adding your own background images and full-surface videos including sound
  • Simulate Advent Calendar days easily for test purposes to check content behind doors on specific days
  • Order doors in a specific order or arrange randomly
  • Add a wintry atmosphere to the calendar by activating animated snow
  • Detect user interest statistics for each door with click statistics that can be viewed in the backend
  • Insert any data record behind a door, from simple text elements to images and forms

Features (PRO version)

  • Users can view doors from previous days not just the current day
  • Users can register so that they are kept up-to-date with future promotions - they receive a daily reminder to open doors or can be alerted to a new calendar the following year
  • The login functionality for registered users has a "forgotten password" function
  • Doors can contain vouchers, product presentations, customised automated competitions, attractive e-cards or standard content elements
  • If a door contains a competition, as many prizes can be created as desired
  • Competitions can be set up to include single choice or multiple choice answers
  • 60 minutes of free support included

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