Google Maps

Google Maps API Configuration

The Google Maps API can be configured using two TypoScript constants. Use the apiKey constant to define the Google Maps API key. = abc

A second constant can be used to define additional libraries e.g. when integrating the Places library. =

Configure map markers

Latitude and longitude can be added to a booking object so that a marker is placed on the map. The initial zoom can also be specified.

You can also define a TypoScript constant for your marker color to fit your corporate design. Simply assign the desired Hex color value. = abc

Configure map color

The booking extension provides a TypoScript constant to set the color scheme of your Google map. The TypoScript constant can take three preconfigured values:

  • normal: The colors are displayed normally.
  • grayScaled: Set to grayScaled to display the map in gray tones.
  • primaryColored: Specify your own color value for the map. This color value must be added to the body tag as a data attribute, e.g. data-color-primary =" #001EFF". Read more about how to configure the body tag so that it takes its color value from the themes.configuration.colors.primaryTypoScript constant in the Integration area.