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TYPO3 Address manager

The address manager extension allows you to manage and display addresses respectively person records.

Features (Basic version)

  • Lots of data fields are available, beside standard fields like name and contact information the extension provides special fields for SEO, social media, geo coordinates and opening hours.
  • Images and attachments can be used.
  • Addresses may be structured using groups, organisations and positions.
  • A fulltext search is available.
  • A multi-step filter allows you to filter addresses in the frontend.
  • Smooth presentation of lists and filters with AJAX.
  • Addresses may be presented on a map (Google Maps).
  • A viewhelper allows to display addresses in other fluid templates (like third-party-extensions or page templates).
  • Geo coordinates can be determined in the TYPO3 backend when addresses are edited ("map wizard").

Features (Pro version)

  • A special backend module allows a user-friendly management of addresses and their relations.
  • A frontend mangement function allows to edit addresses in the frontend.
  • A scheduler task to fetch geo coordinates automatically is included.
  • A radius search is included.

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