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Please note that this documentation is for the most recent version of this extension. It may not be relevant for older versions. Related documentation can be found in the documentation directory of the extension.

Address-Manager Extension for TYPO3

The address manager extension allows you to manage and display addresses respectively person records (comparable to tt_address).


  • Lots of data fields are available, beside standard fields like name and contact information the extension provides special fields for SEO, social media, geo coordinates and opening hours.
  • Storefinder, radius search or radial search integrated
  • Migration of tt_address possible
  • Images and attachments can be used
  • Addresses may be structured using groups, organisations and positions.
  • A fulltext search is available.
  • Search plugin can be positioned anywhere on the list/map
  • Data can be filtered according to various criteria
  • Various filters can be added to the search in any order
  • Smooth presentation of lists and filters with AJAX.
  • Address fields allow search engine optimisation
  • Option to display detail page for each address/contact
  • Lists can have an offset and a limit allowing easy setup of teaser lists
  • Google Maps can be displayed, including location markers
  • Google Maps automatically locates existing marker areas based on selected filters
  • Google Maps marker clustering
  • A ViewHelper allows to display addresses in other fluid templates (like third-party-extensions or page templates).
  • Geo coordinates can be determined in the TYPO3 backend when addresses are edited ("map wizard").


  • Convenient backend module for maintaining address and contact details incl. extended authorizations
  • A frontend management function allows to edit addresses in the frontend.
  • A scheduler task to fetch geo coordinates automatically is included.
  • A radius search is included.

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