TYPO3 OpenImmo

Real estate management with OpenImmo interface

Bringen Sie Ihre Immobilien mit der OpenImmo-Schnittstelle auf Ihre TYPO3-Website. Kompatibel mit FlowFact und Co.


Does the extension meet the requirements of the GDPR?

Enquiry emails are not stored in the database but forwarded directly to a stored email address. The enquiry form can include a checkbox indicating your privacy policy. When you use saved searches, user-related data related to the front-end user is stored. Thus you can identify and delete this data on request.

The basic version has no dependencies on other extensions.

The Pro version requires the fluid_fpdf extension to generate PDF files and the modules extension for search requests. We have created both of these extensions and they are available as open source in TYPO3-TER.

When translations are overridden by plugin.tx_openimmo._LOCAL_LANG, the search results email still displays the original value.This is because the scheduler does not appear to process the overrides defined in TypoScript.Changes to these email texts must be made directly in the template.

It could be that the target page of the saved searches may not be accessible because it:

  • Does not exist.
  • Is disabled.
  • Needs to be authenticated.
  • No domain is set in the RealUrl configuration.

If the links contain an incorrect path (e.g. www.domain.tld/www/htdocs/index.php?id=27), it may be because the config.absRefPrefix is not set. Simply initialize with the appropriate path.

config.absRefPrefix = /

Yes, normally 360° tours are stored in a separate URL. This URL is imported into TYPO3 via OpenImmo-Import. If such a URL is available for a property, it can be displayed using a fluid template.

Basically, with any software that can control the OpenImmo interface in version 1.2.7.

The TYPO3 OpenImmo extension is compatible with OpenImmo version 1.2.7.

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