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Please note that this documentation is for the most recent version of this extension. It may not be relevant for older versions. Related documentation can be found in the documentation directory of the extension.

How to use your own fonts in PDF

For using your own fonts in Fluid-FPDF, you need to convert the fonts into a special format.

The FPDF-Website supports a small Converting-Tool: http://www.fpdf.org/makefont/

Fluid-FPDF Font-Converting Tool

Just choose your TTF-File and select the required encoding (for example ISO-8859-15). The result are two files - one php-File and one z-File.

Fluid-FPDF Font-Converting Result

For example, you want to convert the Ubunut-Font which is available on Google-Webfonts. You need the regular and bold font. Downloaded you receive the following files:

  • Ubuntu-Regular.ttf
  • Ubuntu-Bold.ttf

Once converted, you have these files:

  • Ubuntu-Regular.php
  • Ubuntu-Regular.z
  • Ubuntu-Bold.php
  • Ubuntu-Bold.z

Follow the next steps, in order to use the font:

  1. Upload these two file into your TYPO3-Installation
  2. Define the new Fontpath in fpdf:pdf
  3. Add fonts with the fpdf:addFont
  4. Set the required font
  5. Write your text
<fpdf:pdf fontPath="EXT:theme_bootstrap4/Resources/Private/Fonts">
    <!-- Add required Fonts -->
    <fpdf:addFont family="Ubuntu" style="N" filename="Ubuntu-Regular.php" />
    <fpdf:addFont family="Ubuntu" style="B" filename="Ubuntu-Bold.php" />
    <fpdf:addPage orientation="P" size="A4">
        <!-- Set font -->
        <fpdf:setFont family="Ubuntu" style="N" size="12" />
        <!-- Write your text -->
        <fpdf:multiCell width="100" height="5" text="Hello world" />
            // Your PDF content...


You need some support by converting your font? Get in contact with us: typo3(at)coding(dot)ms

TYPO3 Fluid-FPDF Extension


This extension provides you a complete set of ViewHelpers for dealing with FPDF by using Fluid. You can use the ViewHelpers easily in own Extensions just by defining the fpdf-Namespace. Additionally you're able to use the build in plugin, for displaying predefined PDF. This plugin offers you automatically all available PDFs.


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