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Firebase Push connector for TYPO3

This extension enables you to push TYPO3 news notifications to Firebase. It supports handling for multi language News notifications by creating connections for each language.


  • CURL must be activated


After installing the extension, you have to create a container page within your page tree, were you will store your Firebase connection records.

A Firebase connection record is the interface between your news records and Firebase.

You have to create one connection record for each system language with the following fields:

  • Hide: With this checkbox you can decide, weather your connection is active and executable or not.
  • Title: The title field is only for your internal identification.
  • Url: The URL field contains the Firebase API URL, for example: https://fcm.googleapis.com/fcm/send
  • API access key: This field must contain your custom Firebase API key.
  • Push to: This field contains the Firebase push path. This path is usually different for respective language. For example /topics/allDevices or /topics/allDevices_de for german speaking users only. This paths might depend on your Firebase configuration.

After you have configured your required connections, you need to configure the Scheduler task, which is executing the push process. For that you've to switch to the Scheduler module of TYPO3 and create a new Task. This Task must have the Class of Extbase CommandController Task and CommandController Command Firebase News: push selected. Finally you've to define the period of execution in seconds and save the Task. Now your Firebase push Scheduler Task should be ready for execution.


The Firebase extension extends the news records by the following new fields:

  • Activate Firebase push: This checkbox enables the push feature. If you've created a new news entry and you want to push a notification to your users, just activate the checkbox. When the Firebase Scheduler gets executed, it finds the marked news record and pushes the notification.
  • Were already push to Firebase at: This field contains the date/time, when the notification was pushed to Firebase. If it's empty, the Scheduler hasn't processed that news yet. The availability of this date/time informs the Firebase Scheduler about that the notification was already sent.
  • Push to Firebase connection: In this field you have to select the Firebase connection, where your notification has to been sent to. If you want to send your translated news to different speaking target groups, just select th respective Connection within the news translations.

If you have created a new record with activated Activate Firebase push checkbox and your Scheduler Task is properly configured, the Scheduler should push a new notification on next execution.


The Firebase Extension comes with a few logging features, which are configurable by the Extensionmanager.

Here you'll find the following options:

  • log.dontDeleteLogFilesAfterImport: The Firebase Extension writes some logging lines while executing the Scheduler. The log files are located in uploads/tx_firebase/log/. With this checkbox you can decide, weather the log files should be deleted after Scheduler execution or not.
  • import.report.active: If you activate this checkbox, the log report will be sent to the following mail address.
  • import.report.subject: In this field you can enter a custom Email subject, in case you have multiple Firebase extensions in use.
  • import.report.email: In this field you have to define the receiver Emailaddress for the log report.