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TYPO3 Monitoring & Updateservice Services


Our TYPO3 Monitoring and Update Service includes a variety of services that can deliver the best possible security and availability for your TYPO3 system. You can also combine our services as you choose (available on request).

Our services at a glance

Maximum Availability

Maximum availability

We monitor the availability of your TYPO3 instance. If your website is unavailable, we can react quickly so that it is available to your customers again in the shortest possible time. Determining the root cause may cost extra.

Security Updates

Security updates

We take over security updates for your TYPO3 core. Depending on the SLA, the update takes place two to four working days after the security update has been released.

Login Monitoring

Login monitoring

We monitor logins on your TYPO3 system, i.e. who logs on, at what time and from which IP address. This allows suspicious logins to be checked and failed or unauthorized logins to be identified.

Security Bulletins

Security bulletins

We monitor TYPO3 security bulletins for you so that we always know when there are security-critical problems in the TYPO3 world and can keep your TYPO3 system safe.

System Information

System information

We monitor your system environment to quickly identify potential security problems. The parameters we monitor include the PHP version, the MySQL version and the TYPO3 context.



We install Backup-Command, which automatically backs up your most important directories and the database at specified intervals. These backups can also be saved on an external server.



We monitor the amount of free storage space in your TYPO3 instance. If TYPO3 runs out of memory, temporary data can no longer be saved. This would mean that your TYPO3 website is no longer accessible.



We monitor third-party extensions that have been installed on your system and carry out security updates if necessary. Warning: since updates from third-party extensions often contain feature updates aswell as security updates, there may be an extra cost!

Major Updates

Major updates

We will inform you about new major updates and check whether it makes sense for you to update your TYPO3. If so, we will be happy to give you a personal and non-binding quotation.


Are there any services missing?

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