TYPO3 - Downloadmanager

Diese Extension stellt einen einfachen Download-Manager bereit.


  • Bereitstellen von passwortgeschützte Downloads
  • Bereitstellen von öffentlichen Downloads
  • Automatisierter E-Mailversand mit Zugangsdaten nach dem Anlegen von Download-Zugängen
  • Konfigurierbar über die THEMES-Extension

Pro-Version Features:

  • Send Access-Data on Download-Access creation
  • Easily managing Downloads in comfortable Downloads-Backendmodule
  • Mass Download-Code creation
  • CSV-Export der Download-Zugänge
  • Automatische .htaccess erstellen! Immer nur in den geschützen Verzeichnissen!? ..da wir nie wisse wo diese genau liegen.
  • An/Abschaltbare Spalten/Infos
  • Download restricted files in file list module.

Preparing download files

Downloads files must be collected by Download-Collections. These Download-Collections can select the files by a folder, by a category or self picked files. The Download-Collections have two different categories:

  • Default: The links of the files are printed as usually into the HTML. For example: https://www.domain.tld/fileadmin/Downloads/File.pdf
  • Restricted: The links of the files are printed as Download-Manager Action-Links. This means, the Download-Manager Plugin receives a request with the File-Uid. Now the Plugin checks the authority of the user and searches for the file in the giving File-Collections - if everything is ok, the file will be delivered by a PHP method.


Restricted files must be secured by yourself by placing a .htaccess file in the restricted areas!

Protected Downloads

The Download-Protection generally works like this. Files can only be downloaded by the DownloadManager-Plugins. This Plugins (in restricted Download-Collections) needs the File-Uid for downloading the file. The plugin receives a File-Uid and checks if the file is contained in the related File-Collections - if found the Download will be initiated, otherwise nothing happens. In fact: The Download-Manager supplies only files from selected File-Collections. If the requested file is protected by a .htaccess file, you will need a File-Collection with Category restricted - otherwise the .htaccess will take effect.

Protected Downloads by Download-Access

This plugin shows a frontend user independent login form on start up. This login form compares the giving credentials with the available DownloadAccess records. When the visitor has successfully logged in, the Download-Collections related to the Download-Access will be listed.


The selected file collections must be of type restricted. Additionally be sure, that your restricted files are save by placing a .htaccess files!

Protected Downloads for Frontend-User

The Download protection for Frontend-User is very easy.

To do

  • XML to XLIFF
  • ICON für Access

Nice to have

  • New-content-element-wizard


Page not found error on download a file

If you get the following error:

Page Not Found
Reason: Request parameters could not be validated (&cHash empty)

Go to installtool and set:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['pageNotFoundOnCHashError'] = false