TYPO3 Additional TCA


This extension helps you to keep your TCA tidy and easy to maintain.

This extension helps you to keep your TCA tidy and easy to maintain.


GermanEnglishStableOpenSourceTYPO3 9.5PHP 7.2PHP 7.3PHP 7.4TYPO3 10.4Free
Provides methods for tab labelsx
Provides methods for recurring fields such as sys-language_uid, hidden, and morex
Provides configuration presets for markdown t3editorx
Provides configuration presets for currency and percent fieldsx
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Additional TCA Change-Log

2021-03-31 Release of 1.3.5

  • [BUGFIX] Fix configuration preset for links

2021-03-28 Release of 1.3.4

  • [BUGFIX] Fix render type for starttime and endtime
  • [TASK] Add configuration for HTML fields
  • [TASK] Add more default values for fields

2021-03-28 Release of 1.3.3

  • [BUGFIX] Migrate extension configuration utility
  • [BUGFIX] Remove clearable if field is readonly
  • [TASK] Add configuration examples in Readme

2020-09-22 Release of 1.3.2

  • [BUGFIX] Initialize form elements on document ready

2020-09-22 Release of 1.3.1

  • [BUGFIX] String to int conversion in form elements

2020-09-22 Release of 1.3.0

  • [FEATURE] Add field configuration preset for multiple images
  • [TASK] Add german translations
  • [BUGFIX] Correct lower and upper range for int field
  • [FEATURE] Lower and upper range for int field

2020-09-04 Release of 1.2.0

  • [FEATURE] Added Currency and Percent form elements
  • [BUGFIX] Changed fileSingle to inline type

2020-08-24 Release of 1.1.4

  • [TASK] Extend documentation
  • [TASK] Add labels for tabs
  • [TASK] Add frontend_user field
  • [TASK] Add default value for RTE field

2020-07-20 Release of 1.1.3

  • [BUGFIX] Add foreign_match_fields for image TCA presets

2020-07-17 Release of 1.1.2

  • [BUGFIX] Add default value for dateTime preset with timestamp

2020-07-02 Release of Version 1.1.1

  • [BUGFIX] Change information row priority in order to avoid conflicts

2020-07-02 Release of Version 1.1.0

  • [FEATURE] TCA preset for coordinate (latitude, longitude)
  • [TASK] Add more tab labels
  • [TASK] Extend documentation

2020-07-02 Release of Version 1.0.2

  • [TASK] Add tags to composer.json

2020-07-01 Release of Version 1.0.1

  • [TASK] Translate readme markdown see #1

2020-07-01 Release of Version 1.0.0

  • [TASK] Implement base features