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TYPO3 Ace Editor


The ACE Editor extension replaces the standard TYPO3 source code editor in Fileadmin and allows easy editing of your files. The files are called up within a backend module and can then be edited as desired - even the classic save command  "CTRL / CMD + S" is available.


  • The files must be included in [SYS] [textfile_ext], otherwise it defaults to the standard editor. If additional file types are required, file name extensions can easily be added via the Install Tool.
  • The associated JavaScript libraries are external resources and are not maintained by us.
  • This extension is only available as an open-source product.


This TYPO3 extension is based on the Open Source Project Ace. The Ace Editor is an embeddable code editor written in JavaScript.


Key Features

Convenient editing of source files within the filelist
Easy to understand Backend module
Extensive editing features such as syntax highlighting
 € 0,00 ex. VAT


EnglishStableOpenSourceTYPO3 9.5PHP 7.1PHP 7.2PHP 7.3PHP 7.4TYPO3 10.4FreePHP 8.0TYPO3 11.5PHP 8.1

Change Log

ACE-Editor Change-Log

2023-11-01 Release of version 2.2.0

  • [TASK] Maintenance for TYPO3 11 and remove support for TYPO3 9
  • [TASK] Optimize documentation features
  • [TASK] Optimize documentation metadata
  • [TASK] Optimize configuration and documentation
  • [TASK] Add documentations configuration

2021-10-17 Release of version 2.1.0

  • [TASK] Migration for TYPO3 11

2021-01-05 Release of version 2.0.2

  • [TASK] Add german translations

2020-08-20 Release of version 2.0.1

  • [TASK] Add extra tags in composer.json
  • [TASK] Replace _EXTKEY variable with extension key

2020-08-17 Release of version 2.0.0

  • [TASK] Migration for TYPO3 10.4

2019-10-12 Release of version 1.1.1

  • [TASK] Modify Gitlab-CI configuration.

2019-03-06 Release of version 1.1.0

  • [FEATURE] Add Gitlab-CI configuration.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix some small issues.
TYPO3 Ace-Editor Extension

TYPO3 Ace Editor

Source code editor for convenient editing of files in the backend

Free available

  • Issue-Tracker access
  • Product documentation
  • No time limit

Price 0,00 € excl. VAT

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