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Poll: surveys for TYPO3

Features in the basic version

  • Create unlimited numbers of polls with any number of questions
  • Many different answer options consisting of text and images
  • Plugin for displaying polls including data entry options and optional display of results on completion
  • Plugin for displaying poll teasers (e.g. on your home page or sidebar)
  • Plugin for displaying lists of all polls
  • Separate plugin to display poll results
  • Simple polls/surveys (multiple answers per question; one or more answers)
  • Prevent repeat participation by setting cookie

Features in the PRO version

  • Backend module for managing polls and poll results
  • Export poll results as CSV file
  • User-defined answers: users can enter their own answers to questions
  • Reset poll


  • Statistics
  • Spam protection using Captcha
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Send results by email