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Immoscout connector for TYPO3-Openimmo


The extension requires our TYPO3 Openimmo Extension.

Because of a Bug in OAuth-Library, the authorization fails by using PHP 7.3.3:

Invalid signature for signature method HMAC-SHA1


  1. Install this extension
  2. Create a container page for the property record.
  3. Create a connection of type Immoscout import.
    1. Enter a title and select the container - this is usually the container page itself.
    2. Enter your Immoscout API-Key and API-Secret
    3. Enter the redirect URI. This is the domain name of your TYPO3 website.
    4. Finally save the record and click the Immoscout authorization button in order to perform the oAuth.
    5. It opens a pop up window/new tab where you have to confirm the access on your Immobilienscout24-Account - confirm that.
    6. Finally it redirects you to your website where you get the message Authorization successful!
  4. Now you have to configure a new Scheduler task, which will import your properties from Immoscout.
    1. Open the Scheduler module and click on add task.
    2. Select Extbase CommandController Task in the Class section.
    3. Enter a frequency of execution - for example 3600 for hourly.
    4. Select Immoscout Import: import in the CommandController Command section.
TYPO3 Immoscout Extension

TYPO3 Immoscout

TYPO3 - Openimmo Immoscout-API


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