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TYPO3 mobile.de vehicle search

Vehicle search based on the free listing API on mobile.de

Advertise all your vehicles on your TYPO3 website. Our vehicle search uses the Search-API from mobile.de to read in your vehicles. You don't need to do anything else - the vehicle listings on your website will always be up to date.


  • CURL
  • Scheduler/Cronjob


The TYPO3 vehicle search extension includes the following basic features:

  • Easy-to-configure quicksearch for your home page or sidebar which displays the number of matches found
  • Fast and user-friendly operation with AJAX technology (including browser history function)
  • Flexible search filter with many settings. Set up a search mask with up to 17 different filters
  • Based on mobile.de free listing API
  • Multi-Accounts - do you own many car dealerships? No problem! Combine vehicles from different mobile.de accounts on your TYPO3 website.
  • SEO Optimized URLs with the supplied RealURL configuration
  • Automatically generated Sitemap.xml with all vehicle URLs
  • Future-proof technology (ExtBase, fluid, modular design)
  • Vehicle recommendations at the touch of a button
  • Comprehensive, detailed views of the vehicles
  • Embedded vehicle enquiry form
  • Teaser-Plugin (for startsites or sidebars)
  • uvm.

Extended Features (PRO-Version)

The TYPO3 vehicle search PRO Version enhances your vehicle search with many useful functions.

The Pro version includes the following features:

  • Note down vehicles simply on a notepad (no time limit in local storage)
  • Create search queries when the vehicle you want is not available (search parameters transferred directly into the search query form)
  • Automatically generated PDF for your vehicles with your letterhead (customizable with the help of fluid)
  • Compare vehicles recorded on the notepad with an easy-to-use comparison function.
  • Create a PDF summary of all vehicles stored on the notepad (including cover sheet and table of contents)
  • The integrated statistics module helps you to evaluate (anonymous, not personally-identifiable) clicks on details, the vehicle pdf, bookmarks, recommendations and enquiries - without the need for tracking tools from third parties
  • CSV export for the statistics data so that they can be processed further
  • uvm.


Display the vehicles in your showroom and other locations with the TYPO3 vehicle search display solution. Possible display devices are TVs, tablets or any other devices that can access your website.

The display solution has the following features:

  • Show your vehicles in an attractive continuous loop (after each run through the data is updated from mobile.de)
  • Customize the display with Fluid and CSS or choose a suitable background image through the plugin
  • Choose between different layouts and resolutions (eg 4: 3, 16: 9)
  • Potential customers can immediately access the vehicles on your website - using an automatically-generated QR code
  • uvm.


Possible additional features

The following features are not presently available, but can be integrated upon request:

  • Teaser element, eg, for your home page or sidebar
  • Form for buying used cars
  • Form for garage appointments or return calls
  • An additional option that allows tracking via Google Analytics