Just insert the related static template on the detail page of your record. For example: Open the Template-Module, select the Detail-Page in Page-Tree, select the Info/Modify view and click the Click here to create an extension template button.


Afterwards, click on Edit the whole template record in order to include the required static templates.



Now your AMP-Site should already work with our default Fluid Templates. Just append ?type=1486816934 to the Link of your Detail-Page.

General configuration

Now you need to setup some general things, so that your AMP page delivers valid structured data.

Firstly, you should define the base URL of your website:

plugin.tx_amp.settings.baseurl =

Next, define the author and publisher of your AMP page. = The author name = The publisher name
plugin.tx_amp.settings.defaults.publisher.logo.url =
plugin.tx_amp.settings.defaults.publisher.logo.width = 346
plugin.tx_amp.settings.defaults.publisher.logo.height = 107


If your News (or other record) doesn't contain an image, the publisher image will be used.

Finally, test your structured data with Google's testing tool: