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Fluid-Form for TYPO3

Fluid form is a small TYPO3 extension for creating forms only by using TypoScript. This extension was developed form shipping TYPO3 Themes with pre-configured forms.

TypoScript configuration

configuration {
    # Send by AJAX 0/1
    ajax = 1
    # Add query string to target url
    addQueryString = 0

Remove or add forms for the plugin selector

You're able to provide forms to different user/usergroups, simply by using Page-TypoScript (tsconfig).


This configration is only for the backend form selection. A form can also be defined and used by Setup-TypoScript!

Configuration since version 1.2.0

# Available forms
forms {
    # A form with internal key 'contactBasic' an visible Label 'Contact Basic'
    contactBasic = Contact basic
    # Delete the callback form
    callBack >
    # Definition of a new Form
    newForm = This is my new form

Field options


htmlSpecialChars:1booleanIf 0 the label HTML won't be escaped.
excludeFromMail:0booleanIf 1 the field won't be displayed in emails
excludeFromPdf:0booleanIf 1 the field won't be displayed in pdfs


htmlSpecialChars:1booleanIf 0 the label HTML won't be escaped.
excludeFromMail:0booleanIf 1 the field won't be displayed in emails
excludeFromPdf:0booleanIf 1 the field won't be displayed in pdfs

Field validators

  • NotEmpty: Field must be filled.


    A Select or Radio value is NotEmpty too, when it's filled with the keyword empty!

  • MathGuard: MathGuard Captcha must be solved.
  • Email: Field must be filled with a valid emailaddress.
  • Empty: Field must be empty.

Validator overview



Finishers are processed in the same order as they're defined - for that take a look into the TypoScript-Object-Browser.


CSS via default style

plugin.tx_fluidform._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE (
    .tx-fluid-form .ajax.sending {
        opacity: 0.6;


Different recipients by select box value

A select box with options 0/1 decide, who will receive the mail. Option 0 will send the mail to the default recipient, option 1 will be catched by the following condition:

[globalVar = GP:tx_fluidform_form|form-footer-complete-customer = 1]
    plugin.tx_fluidform.settings.forms.callBack.finisher.mail.to.0.email = info(at)test(dot)de

Calling Google-Analytics throws (index):151 Uncaught ReferenceError: ga is not defined

First, check if your AdBlock blocks user tracking. If the error remains, check if your Google-Analytics Code-Inclusion is up to date.

For conversion tracking you may need to include a special Google library for that:

page.includeJS {
    conversion_async = //www.googleadservices.com/pagead/conversion_async.js
    conversion_async.external = 1

Receiving emails failed (For example by using Hosteurope as Hoster)

Please check if the sender emailaddress really exists! In case of using Hosteurope, you need to set a default emailaddress within the Provider-Backend. You will find this setting in Administration -> Webhosting/Virtual Server Managed -> Skripte -> Standard-E-Mail-Adresse - on this page you're able to select the emailaddress.

Finally you have to set this emailaddress in TYPO3 Installtool:

[MAIL][transport] = sendmail
[MAIL][transport_sendmail_command] = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -f mail(at)domain(dot)com

Instead of the mail(at)domain(dot)com you have to use the default emailaddress, which you had selected in Hosteuropes Provider-Backend. Afterwards the receiving of email should work fine.

Sending the from ends in a 404 error

The AJAX request of form results a:

Page Not Found
Reason: Request parameters could not be validated (&cHash empty)

Solution: Open the Installtool and disable pageNotFoundOnCHashError setting: [FE][pageNotFoundOnCHashError] = false

How to integrate a Honeypot

Just insert a hidden field, which is marked as required and add the Empty validator.

fields {
    required < plugin.tx_fluidform.presets.fields.honeypot

After sending the form the received JSON is shown

Possibly there is a JavaScript issue. Make sure that jQuery is available!

Possible Features and tasks

If you like to contribute or sponsor new features, please get in contact with us.

  • Migrate TCA-Select; populate new form items by addItem (Attention: Write a notice about changes in Documentation)
  • Create a new content element wizard
  • Extension-Icon is broken in, for example: additional_reports; Use IconFactory?!
  • Captcha should be refreshed in case of receiving AJAX form errors.
  • AJAX-Forms: Integrate a Fallback, which sends the mail by a normal page-reload, in case of disabled JavaScript.
  • Fluid-Template for email messages
  • MathGuard parameters must be send in tx_fluidform_form[]
TYPO3 Fluid-Form Erweiterung

TYPO3 Fluid-Form

Fluid Form ist eine kleine TYPO3-Erweiterung zum Erstellen von Formularen nur mit TypoScript. Diese Erweiterung wurde für den Versand von TYPO3-Themes mit vorkonfigurierten Formularen entwickelt.



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