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Configure the View Statistics extension

General configuration

The following global settings are made in the extension settings in extension manager:

  • Who should be tracked? This setting defines tracking behavior. Possible options are:
    • nonLoggedInOnly Only page views from users who are not logged in are tracked.
    • loggedInOnly Only page views from loggedin users are tracked.
    • all All page views are tracked, regardless of whether the user is logged in or not.
  • Track frontend user ID? If this is checked, each tracking data record saves the id of the logged-in frontend user who triggered it.
  • Track IP address? If this is checked, the requesting IP is saved in each tracking data record.
  • Track user agent? If this is checked, the user agent (eg. browser) is saved.
  • Track login duration? If this is checked, how long the frontend user is logged in.