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View Statistics for TYPO3 Frontend Users

This extension inserts statistics records on each page. It doesn't use any cookies!


  • Tracks page views and extension records
  • Configure who is tracked
    • all visitors (both logged-in and non-logged-in frontend users)
    • only frontend users who are logged in
    • only visitors who have not logged in
  • Optional: Track the ID of the frontend user
  • Optional: Track IP address
  • Optional: Track login duration of frontend users
  • Easy to configure using the extension manager and Typoscript
  • Backend module with:
    • Overview of all tracking information
    • Listing by page
    • Listing by user
    • Listing by object (downloads, news, shop products, portfolios and more)
    • CSV export of tracking records
    • User permissions: Admin users see all tracking data. Editors see only data on selected pages.
  • Tracking of pages and objects such as:
    • Displaying News (EXT:news)
    • Downloading Files (EXT:downloadmanager)
    • Products (EXT:shop)
    • Realty/Properties (EXT:openimmo)
    • Configure your own objects using TypoScript


This extension doesn't track anything if you log in as a backend user and access the frontend simultaneously with the same domain name. In this case open another browser as a frontend user in order to trigger tracking. Even an incognito window of the same browser might prevent tracking.