TYPO3 CMS Integration & Extension development
Thomas Deuling

TYPO3 Masonry


  • Multiple instances on one page possible
  • 5 configurable responsive breakpoints
  • Each breakpoint can have it's own gutter width and item size
  • Based on a 12 column layout
  • All sizes are automatically calculated - no need for own modification
  • All items can have background-images, images, title, sub-title, RTE-Content and links
  • Define unlimited custom templates, which your editor can easily select
  • Multi-Language
  • Item for automatic generated QR-Code


The masonry.js library is not part of this extension and will be loaded by a CDN-URL. Please respect the license terms of this library!

Add a new Masonry item type

For adding an additional Masonry item type you need to add the following Page-TypoScript:

TCEFORM.tx_masonry_domain_model_masonryitem {template {addItems {LightBox = Light-Box}}}

Afterwards create a Fluid-Partial with the same name as the key, for example Partials/Masonry/LightBox.html.