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Connection Record

The configuration of the import process is configured using so-called connection data records. Create a folder and in it a data record of the type "Connection".

Configure the data set as follows:

  • Label: Free to assign
  • Trader ID, API-URL, API-Key: As specified by the Logotech interface
  • Language Mapping: Comma-separated values in the form sys_language_uid: Language code in the import file (e.g. "0: de, 1: en"). The first entry must be the standard language!
  • Empty page cache: page IDs that contain the Logotech plugin and whose cache should be emptied after the import
  • Report log active: If activated, the import process is logged in the database. An extension like EXT:logs is needed to view them.
  • Report mail active: If activated, a log is sent by e-mail, configurable with the fields "Report mail sender" and "Report mail receiver"
  • Last update: Time stamp of the last imported data record. To re-import older data sets, set the value to the desired date and start the import again. To re-import all data records, empty the field and start the import again.