Glossaries for TYPO3

The glossaries extension for TYPO3 enables you to create and manage glossaries.


  • Glossary list view
  • Optional detail view (SEO optimized, with meta and OG tags)
    • with og tags, meta tags
  • Internal hit counter of total number of visits to the glossary detail pages
  • Images and categories for glossary entries
  • Backend module for managing glossary entries
  • Preview images / og-tag images can be selected separately
  • Page-Tree Icon for identifying containers with glossary entries


  • Bootstrap 4 Templates
  • Guides for Breadcrumbs + testing
  • Update documention + publish online
  • Test OG tags + image preview (feld+fallbacks)
  • Test preview flag for listening entry (migration entry if necessary!)
  • Eliminate @todo from the sources