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Additional commands for TYPO3

This extension provides you some useful commands for the TYPO3 scheduler and console.

Use at your own risk! Please always make data backups before using!


  • Automatic folder zipping (shell tar, PHP/PEAR tar).
  • Automatic database export.
  • Automatic image optimization (jpeg, png) by using jpegoptim.
  • Automatic image extension fix. Finds all images where content type and image file extension doesn't equals and fix the content.
  • Summarize all used CSS classes in tt_content bodytext. Useful for preparing migration of RTE.
  • Cleaning up records in database.
  • Notify frontend user which are not loggedin for x days.
  • Automatic slug generation for custom records
  • Fix RTE images after TYPO3 upgrade/migration
  • Resize images in a given folder to a given maximum width and height