Additional Commands for TYPO3

This extension provides you some useful commands for the TYPO3 Scheduler.

Use at your own risk! Please always make data backups before using!


  • Automatic folder zipping (shell tar, PHP/PEAR tar).
  • Automatic database export.
  • Automatic image optimization (jpeg, png) by using jpegoptim.
  • Automatic image extension fix. Finds all images where content type and image file extension doesn't equals and fix the content.
  • Summarize all used CSS classes in tt_content bodytext. Useful for preparing migration of RTE.
  • Cleaning up records in database.
  • Notify frontend user which are not loggedin for x days.
  • Automatic slug generation for custom records


86400 - 1 Day
604800 - 1 Week
1209600 - 2 Week

Automatic image optimization (jpeg, png)

Optimizes PNG and JPEG images in all _proccessed_ folder.


Please be sure to have a backup of your image files. Using on own risk! For creating a backup, you can use the FileSystem:zpFolder command.


Find binaries path

type -a tar
whereis tar

Provide some binaries pathes

'SYS' => [
        'binPath' => '/usr/bin/,/bin/',
        'binSetup' => 'tar=/bin/tar',

Known hoster and settings

- tar=/bin/tar

FileSystem:zipFolder exits with: 126 - Permission denied

This happens for example by using All-Inkl as hoster. Try to execute the tar commands by using the shell (SSH).

Database export exits with: mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'SET OPTION SQL_QUOTE_SHOW_CREATE=1'

The reason for this is that MySQL 5.6 has removed support for "SET OPTION" and your mysql client tools are probably on older version. Most likely 5.5 or 5.1. There is more info about this issue on MySQL bugs website: