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You can use parameters to control how the vehicle search is accessed. If you set the tx_fahrzeugsuche_fahrzeugsuche[fahrzeugResearch]=1 parameter, the vehicle search opens the search request immediately after loading (you will need the Pro version for this). If you submit a number in the tx_fahrzeugsuche_fahrzeugsuche[fahrzeug]=123 parameter, after loading this vehicle will be displayed in the detailed view.

Display data fields in list view or detailed view

If, for example, you want to activate the vehicle general inspection field (TÜV) in the list and / or detailed view, you can do so via Setup TypoScript:

plugin.tx_fahrzeugsuche {
  settings {
    list.displayFields.15 = Vehicle/Specifics/GeneralInspection
    detail.displayFieldsets.specifics.fields.25 = Vehicle/Specifics/GeneralInspection