SEO - Search engine optimization

The vehicle search has the following SEO features.

Sitemap.xml für Detail view.

The vehicle search can generate a Sitemap.xml file for search engines. All you need to do is append the parameter ?type=1519148087 to your domain - e.g. http://www.domain.tld/?type=1519148087. When you direct your browser to this URL, your vehicles will be displayed in Sitemaps XML format.

Sitemap.xml can be configured through typoscript constants as follows:

  • themes.configuration.extension.fahrzeugsuche.urls.sitemap - Enter the URL for the detail view of your vehicles, e.g https://www.domain.tld/fahrzeugsuche/?tx_fahrzeugsuche_fahrzeugsuche%%5Bfahrzeug%%5D=%1$s or https://www.domain.tld/fahrzeugsuche/fahrzeug-details/%1$s/ for a human-readable url. Make sure that you escape any percent signs (%) by putting another % sign in front. This will put a %1$s in the URL which is replaced by the vehicle number when the page map is generated.
  • themes.configuration.extension.fahrzeugsuche.sitemapXml.priority - Specify the priority of your vehicle pages. All vehicles have the same priority.
  • themes.configuration.extension.fahrzeugsuche.sitemapXml.changeFrequency - Enter how often changes will be made to your Sitemap.xml.

Now that your Sitemap.xml is set up, you need to make it visible to search engines. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Enter the URL http://www.domain.tld/carsearch/?type=1519148087 in Webmaster Tools.
  2. Enter the URL http: //www.domain.tld/vehicle-search/?type=1519148087 in the robots.txt file of your website. Simply add the following line to this file: Sitemap: http: //www.domain.tld/fahrzeugsuche/? Type = 1519148087

Meta tags and HTML titles

These are defined in the detail view (Partials/Fahrzeugsuche/Details/Bootstrap4.html) via the following attributes:

<div id="fahrzeug-{fahrzeug.key}"
     data-fahrzeug-meta-keywords="{fahrzeug.vehicle.make}, {fahrzeug.vehicle.model}, {fahrzeug.vehicle.specifics.fuelString}, {fahrzeug.vehicle.specifics.gearboxString}, {fahrzeug.vehicle.specifics.exteriorColor.manufacturerColorName}"

The HTML title will be wrapped in a freely definable string. This string can be configured by using Setup-TypoScript like this:

 plugin.tx_fahrzeugsuche.settings.detail.html.title.wrap = | - via TYPO3 Fahrzeugsuche