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Resize images command

Resizes images in a given folder to a given maximum width or height.

This is useful e. g. if there are large amounts of images which are not needed in a high resolution and disk space should be saved.

storageUidint1UID of the storage, mostly fileadmin/ with UID 1.
pathstringpath where the images are stored inside the given storage (non-recursive)
maxWidthint200maximum width the images should be resized to
maxHeightint200maximum height the images should be resized to
numberint20number of images to process per run


Files with Umlauts don`t get resized

Make sure that systemLocale and UTF8filesystem is set in the TYPO3 configuration.

[SYS][UTF8filesystem] = true
[SYS][systemLocale] = de_DE.UTF-8

Start Remove Temporary Assets in the Maintenance module in the backend after setting this configuration.


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