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TYPO3 Shop

For a simple and easy to use store in TYPO3

Are you looking for an easy way to sell your products via your TYPO3 site?

Then the TYPO3 Shop Extension is exactly the right choice. You can organise your products with categories, tags and tag categories. Implement graduated prices, highlighting, variable delivery costs and much more.

The modular order process includes inquiries, purchase on account, prepayment and payment with PayPal or PayPal Plus. Customized order processes and shopping cart calculations are possible by extending the store extension.

B2B or B2C ?

No problem for the TYPO3 Shop Extension!

Whether you want to sell B2B or B2C, the TYPO3 Shop Extension works according to your needs. A quick search function, which you can place on the homepage or in the sidebar, helps your customers to find the right products quickly. Minimum order value, categorization, graduated prices, variable delivery costs and easy stock management are just some of the features of the TYPO3 Shop Extension.

Community or Pro Version?

The TYPO3 Shop Extension grows with your needs.

The Pro Version of the TYPO3 Shop Extension allows you to use PayPal, PayPal Plus or Klarna as payment interfaces. It has an automatic PDF generator that creates product documents on request and also includes watchlists and the ability to make comparisons, as well as automatic invoice generation. 

The TYPO3 Shop Extension also has an integrated interface to connect our TYPO3 UPS API which will help you with your product logistics. 


100% TYPO3

Strictly following TYPO3 coding guidelines

The extension is compatible with TYPO3 version 9 and TYPO3 version 10. Strictly developed according to TYPO3 coding guidelines, based on ExtBase and Fluid templates, the extension is fully multilingual.

The Fluid templates are based on Bootstrap 4, so the look and feel of the output can be customized according to modern standards.

100% coding.ms

Your TYPO3 agency in Münster

coding.ms has been specializing in TYPO3 for over 10 years and, in addition to the TYPO3 Shop, has also developed other popular extensions for TYPO3.

These include, among others, an interface for the advertisements API of mobile.de for the implementation of vehicle search, as well as an Openimmo interface that creates compatibility between TYPO3 and Immomio, Estate-Smart, onOffice, Lagler, immotion(R), Flowfact, Aeron ImmoBlue and also Expose 9/10/x, ImmoSolve CENTRAL, immoware24, WIB24 and many more.

Numerous extensions created by coding.ms can be found in the TYPO3 extension directory or in our general overview and are constantly maintained and developed. Also, coding.ms is always available for support requests. Let coding.ms make your ideas for extensions into reality!