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Install Slick-Modal for TYPO3

You simply have to install the Slick-Modal Extension for TYPO3 in Extension-Manager. Afterwards include the static Template _Slick-Modal (slickmodal) within your Root-Template.

As mentioned in the Slick-Modal Extension description, the Slick-Modal library is not contained in this extension. You have to provide it by your own - but no worry, that's easy. First you need to get the Slick-Modal library. If you haven't it yet, you can buy it here for less than $10. This library needs to be uploaded to your website. We create a directory like /fileadmin/Libraries/SlickModal/ and copy the hole files of the library into. Now you have to tell the Slick-Modal extension where this library files are located. This can be done by the two following TypoScript-Constants:

themes.configuration.javascript.libraries.slickModal.source = /fileadmin/Libraries/SlickModal/assets/js/jquery.slickmodal.min.js
themes.configuration.stylesheets.libraries.slickModal.source = /fileadmin/Libraries/SlickModal/assets/css/slickModal.min.css

Now you're able to use Slick-Modals.