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Debugging the Shop extension


Don't forget to deactivate debugging in your live system!

Debug shopping basket and shopping basket totals

  1. Set TypoScript constant themes.configuration.extension.shop.debug = 1
  2. The shopping basket is continually reloaded via AJAX. When debug is activated, extra information about how totals are calculated is available from JSON.

Debug checkout

Checkout is debugged via the sys_log, allowing you to monitor checkouts over a period of time and examine individual cases.

  1. Switch to the Settings module and open Extension Configuration by clicking on Configure extensions.
  2. Expand the Shop section and switch to the Logging tab.
  3. Set the Log level to DEBUG - all logging of the Shop extension is now activated.
  4. In order to evaluate the logs you will have to install another extension, the EXT: logs. It is available in TER or on Packagist.
  5. After installing EXT: logs another log module will appear in the TYPO3 backend where you can search for Leveldebug entries.