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Email configuration

Here you will find an overview of email configuration options.

Email settings

The basic settings for recipient and sender email address is defined in the TypoScript setup. You can override the settings via an individual constants file.

Possible settings are: Email Recipient Name Enter the name of the recipient/receiving site here. Email Recipient Email Address Enter the email address of the recipient / receiving station here. Email Sender Name Enter the name of the sender / sending point here. Email Sender Email Address Enter the email address of the sender / sending point here. Email Type Specify here whether the email should be delivered as plain text (text/plain) or HTML (text/html). Email Footer Text Here you have the possibility to specify an optional text in the footer of the email.

Entries in an individual constant file

themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.to.name = Mein Shop Name
themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.from.email = shop(at)beispiel(dot)de
themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.from.name =  Mein Shop Name
themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.to.email = shop(at)beispiel(dot)de
themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.contentType = text/html
themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.footer = Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Vertrauen.

Entries in an individual setup file

plugin.tx_shop {
        email {
            from {
                name = {$themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.from.name}
                email = {$themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.from.email}

            to {
                name = {$themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.to.name}
                email = {$themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.to.email}

            contentType = {$themes.configuration.extension.shop.email.contentType}
            footer (
                TYPO3  Shop Extension by coding.ms
                www:   www.coding.ms
                email: typo3(at)coding(dot)ms