OpenImmo Migration

Version 4.6.0

Mit der Einführung des Backendmoduls zur Verwaltung der Immobilien ist es erforderlich, das die Verbindungsdatensätze in die Container verschoben werden, in der sie Ihre Datensätze speichern. Bitte verschieben Sie alle Verbinsungsdatensätze in die jeweiligen Container. Jeder Container mit Immobiliendatensätzen muss genau einen Verbindungsdatensatz haben.

Version 4.5.0

Connections now have a record type, which is for defining the connection target. Since now we have only an Openimmo connection, but there will be additional an Immoscout and Local connection. Therefor you need to set the record type of each connection after updating to this version.

Version 4.1.2

Contains a TypoScript constant for a second Google Maps API key (themes.configuration.extension.openimmo.googleMaps.fetchGeoCoordinates.apiKey). This must contain an API key for Google API server-side requests. This API key is restricted by IP address, unlike the existing one which is restricted by HTTP referrer (themes.configuration.extension.openimmo.googleMaps.apiKey).

Version 4.0.0


PHP 7.1 or higher required!

Migration steps

  • openimmo/Resources/Private/Partials/Immobilie/VerwaltungTechn/StandVom.html Partial now gets a real DateTime object, so you need to use a {value-> 'd.m.Y')} for displaying the value.
  • openimmo_pro/Resources/Private/Partials/Pdf/VerwaltungTechn/StandVom.html Partial now gets a real DateTime object, so you need to use a {value-> 'd.m.Y')} for displaying the value.
  • openimmo_pro/Resources/Private/Partials/Pdf/Objektkategorie/ Partials needs to be refactored and can be simplified.
  • openimmo/Resources/Private/Partials/Immobilie/Objektkategorie/ Partials can be simplified.

Version 2.2.0

In order to get a full multi language environment, we have moved some labels from TypoScript-Definition into translation files. Therefore you have to modify the following files:

  • Resources/Private/Partials/Immobilie/Details/Fieldset/ContactPerson.html
  • Resources/Private/Partials/Immobilie/Details/Fieldset/Description.html
  • Resources/Private/Partials/Immobilie/Details/Fieldset/EnergiePass.html
  • Resources/Private/Partials/Immobilie/Details/Fieldset/General.html
  • Resources/Private/Partials/Immobilie/Details/Fieldset/Prices.html

Place the following lines immediately into <f:for each="{fieldset.fields}" as="field" key="fieldKey"> loop:

<oi:variable.set name="tempLanguageKey" value="tx_openimmo_label.immobilie_{fieldKey}" />
<oi:variable.set name="tempLanguageValue" value="{f:translate(key: tempLanguageKey)}:" />

Additionally the f:render arguments must be modified from {immobilie: immobilie, label: field.label} into {immobilie: immobilie, label: tempLanguageValue}.

The headlines of this lists needs to be modified as well. Just replace the <h3>{fieldset.label}</h3> with the respective translation:

  • <h3>{f:translate(key: 'tx_openimmo_label.immobilie_kontaktperson')}</h3>
  • <h3>{f:translate(key: 'tx_openimmo_label.immobilie_zustandAngaben_energiepass')}</h3>
  • <h3>{f:translate(key: 'tx_openimmo_label.details')}</h3>
  • <h3>{f:translate(key: 'tx_openimmo_label.immobilie_preise')}</h3>

Version 2.1.0


Because of invalid data handling of the Importer, it's recommended to perform a full synchronization (VOLL-Abgleich) after updating and migrating to this version!

Migration steps

  • If you're using the Partials/Immobilie/Search/GoogleMaps.html Fluid partial and TYPO3 8.7, you need to wrap the oi:googleMaps.list ViewHelper in a f:format.raw-ViewHelper.


    <oi:googleMaps.list immobilies="{immobilies}" settings="{settings}" />


    <f:format.raw><oi:googleMaps.list immobilies="{immobilies}" settings="{settings}" /></f:format.raw>
  • OpenImmo has an english translation so we have modified some Fluid-Templates and TypoScript. In detail, the label from TypoScript fieldset definitions were removed. Instead of these labels, the Fluid-Partials try to load translation key with equal names to the TypoScript definition nodes. In addition the default language is now english, so that you might have german set as your default language.

  • We have moved the JavaScript into the footer. Therefore you might have to modify some JavaScript configurations

Version 2.0.0