Displaying QR Codes

The Pro version of the OpenImmo extension gives you the option of displaying QR codes in online exposés and PDF files.

In an online exposé, all you need to do is use the following fluid code to display the QR code as an image anywhere:

<div class="openimmo-details-qr-code">
    <f:image src="uploads/tx_openimmo/qr-codes/{settings.qrCodeImage}" alt="foo" title="bar" maxHeight="150" />

For a PDF exposé you can use the following fluid code:

<fpdf:variable.set name="qrCodeImage" value="uploads/tx_openimmo/qr-codes/{settings.qrCodeImage}" />
<fpdf:image x="10" y="20" height="30" filename="{f:uri.image(src: qrCodeImage)}" />

For the bookmarks PDF you will need fluid code such as the following:

<f:for each="{settings.qrCodeImage}" as="qrCodeFilename" key="immobilieUid">
    <f:if condition="{immobilieUid} == {immobilie.uid}">
        <fpdf:variable.set name="qrCodeImage" value="uploads/tx_openimmo/qr-codes/{qrCodeFilename}" />
        <fpdf:image x="165" y="60" height="30" filename="{f:uri.image(src: qrCodeImage)}" />