Display real estate on a page

If you wish to display a property (such as a reference property) on a page, do the following:

  1. Create a Search/List & Show plugin.
  2. Select a sort order - this is not relevant.
  3. Enter an external object number under the General tab in the field Display a property immediately by external object number.
  4. If you save the plugin and then look at the page in the frontend, the property will be displayed as if list view had been clicked on.


Please note that if the property no longer exists due to a synchronisation or the external real estate number has changed, the property can longer be displayed. The plugin will then redirect to the list view and return an error. In this case you can set the Show result on page load (otherwise you need to press search) option to display the available properties under the error message.

Modifying templates to display real estate

If you need to modify the detailed view of the displayed real estate because, for example, the back button has changed, you will need to add the following fluid condition:

<f:if condition="{passedByPlugin}">
    <f:then>passed by plugin</f:then>
    <f:else>called by list</f:else>