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Add a data field to the list entry

If you use the OpenImmo extension with the standard fluid templates, you can add more data fields as follows - just add the following Setup-TypoScript:

plugin.tx_openimmo {
    settings {
        # Konfiguration im Bereich deche/Liste
        search {
            # Konfigration der Fieldsets
            fieldsets {
                # Allgemeines Fieldset
                general {
                    # Anzuzeigende Felder
                    fields {
                        # Key, sollte gleiche Struktur haben wie im OpenImmo-XML.
                        geo_strasse {
                            # Label für das Datenfeld
                            label = Strasse:
                            # Fluid Partial Pfad - hier wieder die gleiche Struktur wie im OpenImmo-XML.
                            partial = Geo/Strasse


The new fields are always added to the bottom. If you need the fields to be in a different order you need to delete the fields node (fields >) and then redefine the fields in the order you would like. Alternatively, of course, you can overwrite the Search/Item.html partial and read the required values directly from there.