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Process vehicle inquiries (leads) with Claris by claris.net

The car dealership software provided by www.claris.net makes it possible to receive and process inquiries or 'leads' made through the website. Read on to see how you can get started.

Customising the inquiry email template

Inquiries made through TYPO3 Vehicle Search are sent to an email address linked to the Claris car dealership software. A short piece of XML must be inserted in the body of the email so that the software can process the email.

This is easily done via the inquiry email template. The Fluid Template for the inquiry email is located under fahrzeugsuche/Resources/Private/Templates/Email/Request.html and can be simply assigned via Typoscript constants.

#themes.configuration.extension.fahrzeugsuche.request.email.template = EXT:fahrzeugsuche/Resources/Private/Templates/Email/Request.html
themes.configuration.extension.fahrzeugsuche.request.email.template = fileadmin/fahrzeugsuche/TemplatesClaris/Request.html

The default fluid template for the inquiry email looks like this:

<f:translate key="tx_fahrzeugsuche_label.fahrzeug_request_mail_introduction" extensionName="Fahrzeugsuche" />
<f:for each="{data}" as="row" key="key">{row.label}: {row.value}
<f:translate key="tx_fahrzeugsuche_label.fahrzeug_request_mail_signature" extensionName="Fahrzeugsuche" />

The template receives the following data via fluid variables:

  • settings - this variable contains all the variables and settings defined in the TypoScript settings for Vehicle Search(plugin.tx_fahrzeugsuche.settings) .
  • data - this variable contains all the data from the form - i.e. information about the customer.
  • fahrzeug - this variable contains the complete vehicle dataset.

In general, the lead XML contains the following fields:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <name>Theo Test</name>
            <phone>+49 123 456789</phone>
            <message>Hier steht der Nachrichten-Text...</message>

An example of template content looks as follows:

Name: {data.gender.value} {data.firstname.value} {data.lastname.value}
Telefon: {data.phone.value}
E-Mail: {data.email.value}
            <price><f:format.number thousandsSeparator="" decimals="0">{fahrzeug.price.consumerPriceAmount}</f:format.number></price>
        <potentialBuyer><f:for each="{data}" as="row" key="key">
            <name>{data.firstname.value} {data.lastname.value}</name>