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Generate CSV files for the matching module of CD systems

The "Fahrzeugsuche PRO" extension offers the option of generating a CSV file for the "Matching Module" from CD-Systeme (CD-Systeme GmbH, https://cd-systeme.com/).

This can be done either via the scheduler task or via a console command.

Scheduler task

  • Create a "Execute Console Commands" scheduler task.
  • Select "fahrzeugsuche_pro:push_matching_data".
  • Enter the parameters as indicated below.

Console command

Run the command as in the following example and adjust the parameters as you wish:

vendor/bin/typo3 vehicle search_pro:push_matching_data --storagePages=1,2 --singleViewPage=3 --username=user --password=pass --dry-run=1


You can use the following parameters (either in the scheduler task or in the console).

storagePagesComma-separated list of the pages on which the vehicle data to be exported can be found
singleViewPageID of the page on which the single view of the vehicles can be found (the fahrzeugsuche plug-in should be available there)
usernameUsername that is required for uploading to CD systems.
passwordPassword that is required for uploading to CD systems.
dry-runIf any value is passed here, no upload takes place (for test purposes).