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Additional information fields in the Detail View

In order to show additional information in the Detail view, you will need a Fluid Partial and some Typoscript. If, for example, you would like to have a field showing the name the colour of the car first create the Partial:

<f:if condition="{fahrzeug.vehicle.specifics.exteriorColor}">
    <f:if condition="{fahrzeug.vehicle.specifics.exteriorColor.manufacturerColorName}">
        <dt><f:translate key="tx_fahrzeugsuche_label.color" /></dt>
            <f:translate key="tx_fahrzeugsuche_label.color_{fahrzeug.vehicle.specifics.exteriorColor.color -> f:format.case(mode: 'lower')}" />

Save this Partial as Partials/Fahrzeugsuche/FahrzeugFields/Vehicle/Specifics/ExteriorColorShort.html.

Next, specify that this partial should be used in Setup TypoScript.

plugin.tx_fahrzeugsuche {
    settings {
        detail {
            displayFieldsets {
                specifics {
                    label = Spezifisches
                    fields {
                        10 = Vehicle/Specifics/ExteriorColor