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Custom email receivers for forms depending on the manufacturer

If you want to use different receivers for forms depending on the manufacturer, you can use the following Setup-TypoScript.

Replace "MAKERNAME" with the manufacturer name, eg. "VW" or "NISSAN" (uppercase).

Requests for single vehicles

When a user requests single vehicles (feature "request"), you kann adjust the receiver email address as follows:

plugin.tx_fahrzeugsuche.settings.request.email.override.toEmail.make.MAKERNAME = example(at)example(dot)org

Search orders

If a user creates a "search order", because he or she did not find a fitting vehicle (feature "research"), this would be the configuration to adjust the email receiver:

plugin.tx_fahrzeugsuche.settings.research.email.override.toEmail.make.MAKERNAME = example(at)example(dot)org

Summarized options for adapting the target addresses

The request mails can be configured as follows and are used in this order:

  1. TypoScript constant
  2. Recipient address in the connection data record (see HowTo article)
  3. Recipient address by manufacturer (Typoscript Setup) (see above)